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Do you want to reduce uncertainty in your decision making?

Would you like to be mathematically certain you've made the right choice?

Now you can with Bridging Decisions Into Solutionsby Jonathan Keyes, Dr. Richard St. Clair, and Dr. Robert D. Gray. Bridging Decisions Into Solutions brings to business and academic settings a new, comprehensive approach to decision making and problem solving through the incorporation of a continuum of variables, quantitative methods, and qualitative cognition within a new conceptual framework.

Bridging Decisions Into Solutionsdemonstrates how all decisions and actions are part of a decision process. It presents a unique decision-making paradigm that can be applied to decisions in management, business, academics or education, research, and personal life. The book describes and applies an effective decision process that considers inputs and outputs, facilitates analytical methods, and considers relevant variable relationships. You will be introduced to the paradigm of the bridging process that considers the spectrum of relevant variables necessary for optimum decisions. It differentiates variables as either facilitators (inputs into the decision process) or as reciprocal impact factors (affective variables that impact decisions application).

To help you see how to apply the principles in the book, an ongoing and evolving case study illustrates the bridging continuum. The book contains research methods and some commonly used statistical tools to use to improve the decision process. Even if you think you're no good at math, you will be able to use the statistical tools described in this book.

Bridging Decisions Into Solutions does not limit you to one model or one approach to decision making. The methods in the book can be applied to any field or academic discipline, and to any problem needing resolution. A key feature of the book is the demonstration of how decisions can become effective applications of knowledge that solve problems effectively. To assist you further, the book presents different research models that can be followed to accommodate the research objectives of different groups: general research, business and management research; and student research.

Bridging Decisions Into Solutions is available in a paperback edition of approximately 256 pages, with numerous illustrations, index, and helpful appendices.

Decide today to end your decision making problems.