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by Robert D. Gray, Ed.D.; Harold Ray Griffin, MHA, MPA, Ph.D., FACHE; John E. Johnson, J.D.; Ray Kahler, Ph.D.; Judi Ottmann, Margaret Eaton, MHA, PHR; Susan McPhail Wittjen, Ph.D.; Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Ph.D.; Gerald R. Goodman, Dr.PH; Shervin Kalinia, and Emily Lees, Ph.D., M.P.H

Years in the making, Healthcare Human Resource Management, was written to meet an important goal: to produce the authoritative resource for HR practitioners, students and instructors. Field tests conducted over two years at four universities affirm that Healthcare Human Resource Management has met its goal. The book has earned the personal endorsements of Larry Mathis, FACHE; Diane Peterson, FACHE; and Jeptha Dalston, Ph.D., FACHE.

The challenge to colleges and universities is to meet the expectations of the hiring community. Healthcare Human Resource Management will prepare your students
* to immediately assume management and HR responsibilities,
* to understand the complexities of human resource management, and
* to be able to apply human resource management skills successfully on the job.

Healthcare Human Resource Management:
* Is research based and scholarly
* Is comprehensive
* Is healthcare industry focused
* Emphasizes depth of knowledge and the application of that knowledge as a manager in the healthcare field
* Has instructor resources available.

Topics include: Appraisal Systems
* Benefits
* Business Literacy
* Civil Rights
* Compensation
* Decision Making Processes
* Discipline Process
* Diversity
* Employment
* Ethics
* Historical Basis and Notable Milestones
* HR Functions
* Industry specific Issues and Trends
* Joint Commission
* Labor-Management Relations
* Leadership
* Long Term Care
* Managing
* Motivating
* Organizational Development
* Planning
* Recruiting
* Research Methods
* Safety and Security
* Statistical and HR-specific Metrics
* Systems
* Unionization and Unionism
* and more.

Faculty of colleges and universities using Healthcare Human Resource Management will be invited to submit whitepapers and manuscripts to be published in updates to the book, future editions of the book and a new peer-reviewed periodical being developed to support health administration curricula.

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